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Allow Kids to Move While Doing School Work

I am reposting this from 2014:

Math on the iPad

This is a picture of my son doing math on the iPad. He got all the problems correct. While working with him, I understand why the schools – both private and public - thought I should hold him back a year. He has a summer birthday, he can’t sit still, he would be one of the very youngest in a class where the kids' ages could range as many 14 to 15 months older. There would be a huge difference in maturity between my guy and the oldest kids in the class.

But here we are, working above grade level math, and he’s doing just fine. But he can’t sit still. So unless its necessary, I don’t make him. I mean, why can’t you do your math work while sitting on the floor upside down? Who says that in order to be successful in life, a 6 year old has to do their math work while sitting at a desk with a pen and pencil?

I can certainly understand why sitting quiet and still all day is necessary in a school setting. After all, a class would descend into chaos if you had 26 kids sitting all over the place with one teacher in charge. In fact, I can’t even imagine how much learning could actually happen in a class of 26 first graders, which is the average size for a first grade class in my county. That’s right, twenty-six 6 year olds and 1 teacher. If the teacher is lucky, she will have some inclusion kids in her class, which will add an extra adult or two to help manage the class.

I was sitting in the kitchen when I saw my son doing his math acrobatics and grabbed the camera because I had to share with those who are contemplating homeschooling and why it can work for you. It’s because you don’t have to attempt to recreate school at home. I actually tried that in the beginning and it just didn’t work for us. We are not unschoolers - we cover all the traditional subjects. But we do it in a way that best suits our family and learning style. I mean, if school at school wasn’t going to work out, why would I think school at home would work?

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