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Day in a Homeschool Life, Day 1

I know that there are many people out there who are thinking about homeschooling or who may wonder what homeschooling even looks like. There are also people who are currently homeschooling, who many be looking at changing how they homeschool. For all those people, I am starting this Day in a Homeschool Life series. I will post 5, not necessarily consecutive, posts that show how my homeschool day flows. I can tell you up front that you’ll notice a pattern:

1. Not every day is the same. Our days are largely dictated by what we have going on – grocery shopping, field trips, grandparent visits. We work school around our life and life around our school.

2. We try to work in some sort of physical activity, or PE-type activity every day. I am a huge proponent of kids playing and being allowed to move during the day.

3. Because I am an introvert mom of two extroverts, I try to expose my kids to other kids at some point during the day. This is something I have to be intentional about.

And so, without further ado, here is Day in a Homeschool Life, Day 1.

Today is January 2. We just returned from a week-long holiday in Florida and, even though the brick and mortar schools are still out on holiday, there is no reason for us to be.

7:00 AM My alarm clock goes off as usual. I am sick and the kids are exhausted so I decide that we’re going to sleep in today.

9:15 I wake up and decide we’ve all lounged about long enough. I get everyone up and the kids go down to fix their breakfast. They play with the ever-present Legos while they eat. I get my breakfast and start my own work.

9:45 Time to get going so I have my son start reading aloud to me while my daughter gets going on her independent work. After my son finishes reading, I get him going on his writing. Today was the first day that I had him use a voice-to-text software. Writing is always the.worst. Because my son is very articulate and able to convey his thoughts orally, I think his issue with writing is physiological. So I trained him on the Dragon Naturally Speaking that I use to write my book and blog and asked him to summarize a book he recently completed, Wings of Fire, The Lost Heir. At that point, I had my daughter read aloud to me. When she completes that, she works on more of her independent work.

12:30 The kids have gotten to a stopping point by now. It’s time for lunch and we have nothing to eat because we’ve been gone for a week. So, I have the kids record what they’ve worked on so far in their planners and we head out for lunch and grocery shopping.

2:30 We’re back at the house. The kids and I settle in and do a combined science lesson. We have tons of science resources so the kids chose Physics. We last left off on chapter 4 so we picked up there and learned about force, inertia and mass. I had the kids take turns reading the sections in the chapter and then we went over the review together orally and acted out the physics laws.

After science, we reviewed the first 5 chapters of our African American History text and I had the kids work on a section quiz while I cooked dinner. My son completed his independent work that he didn’t complete earlier. My daughter was done with hers before we left for lunch so she just played.

6:00 We’re done for the day so I drag myself to the gym so the kids can play for an hour or so.

And that's that! See you tomorrow! See Day 2 here.

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