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Day in a Homeschool Life, Day 2

Today we had a field trip at the State Bar. We’ve done this one before with a private homeschool group but this time, we participated as part of their Homeschool Day. For this field trip, we had to register a couple months ahead of time. I am usually loathe to plan things too far ahead but this one was an exception. You’ll see that this day is very different from day 1!

8:15 – We were up early this morning as we had to get up, get dressed, eat breakfast, pack lunches and be out the door buy 8:15. If you didn’t know, this is super early for your typical homeschooler. Personally, I try not to have to be anywhere before 10 even though I’m usually up by 7. This is mostly due to the fact that traffic is horrendous before 9. The field trip didn’t start until 9:30 but since we had to drive into the City, we had to make sure we had plenty of time to get there.

9:20 – The program started – 10 minutes early! Good thing we arrived at 9:00. I reiterated to my kids that its best to be early than on time or – gasp – late!

The program lasted until 2:00. The kids learned about the practice of law, a bit about what it means to be a lawyer and a bit about Civil Procedure. Then it was lunch and off to the mock trial. My daughter landed a role as one of the witnesses and my son ended up on the jury.

3:00 – Back at the house, the kids completed math and their read alouds. I try to get those two done every day, even if we do no other school work.

And that's a wrap for today!

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