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Day in a Homeschool Life, Day 4

Today was busy yet very productive. The kids had an event that they wanted to go to in the afternoon so that helped to expedite lesson time in the morning.

6:15 I get up with my husband and make him breakfast. Getting up this early allows us to have a little bit of time together in the morning before the kids awake and he’s off to work.

6:45 I’m not too excited to see that my son is up this early but he gets up and lounges on the sofa for about 20 minutes before getting his breakfast. While he’s eating, my daughter, shockingly, pops up. Since they both got up early, we are able to get our day started a bit earlier than normal.

7:45 Everyone is finished with breakfast and the kids begin working on their assignments and I on mine. Today’s activity involves a round of Dungeons & Dragons with some homeschool friends. Dungeons & Dragons starts at 1:00 and they know that they have to be done with all of their work in order to go.

10:00 Because they ate so early, they head back into the kitchen for “second breakfast.” Work is going smoothly this morning and it looks as though they’ll be getting everything done on time. I’m alternating between listening to read alouds and working with one kid’s parent-assisted lessons while the other child completes assignments where they don’t need help.

12:00 My daughter has now completed all of her assignments. Knowing that Dungeons & Dragons will last around three hours, she finds something light to eat in the kitchen to keep from getting hungry.

12:30 My son has completed all but one of his assignments. Since he is working so diligently this morning, I tell them that he can complete the last assignment when we return from Dungeons & Dragons. He grabs a bite to eat and we head out to the local library to meet up with some homeschoolers from one of our homeschooling groups.

1:00-3:30 Dungeons & Dragons ends about 30 minutes earlier than usual. This gives us time to run to the grocery store. I get home and cook dinner while my son completes his last assignment. My daughter takes this time to flip through some home design magazines she recently purchased. She’s trying to design her house and has purchased some magazines on home architecture and interiors to help give her ideas.

4:45 Dinner is ready and we head out to the kids’ swim lessons at our fitness club. I would normally allow the kids to play afterwards but since we spent almost 3 hours Dungeons & Dragons, we pack up and head home immediately after swim lessons.

6:15 We’re done for the day and we have dinner.

This is one of those days when everything went according to plan, when everything fit into the schedule, and we were able to participate in an activity while also getting all of our work done.

In my fantasy world, this happens every day. However, in the realm of reality, these days are rare. When you homeschool, you realize that you are teaching your children how to deal with life. In life, we can plan and organize as much as possible, but we have to be prepared to go with the flow as life does what it wants despite our plants.

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