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Rosetta Stone Review - Spanish

One of my homeschooling goals is to have my kids speaking Spanish before they graduate. We were working with a Spanish speaking friend who was doing a wonderful job with the kids. We met with her twice per week for Spanish and our kids played together on other days and even then she only spoke to them in Spanish. With so much access to a native speaker, the kids progressed quickly. Then my friend and I moved to opposite ends of the city and classes ended.

I've tried several methods since then but none of them were as effective as having a native Spanish person speaking and interacting with the kids on a regular basis.

Feeling a bit desperate because the kids were getting older, and after much research, I went ahead and sprung for the entire 5 level program from Rosetta Stone. And while they are currently also taking an online live Spanish class (which I will review later), I am using Rosetta Stone as a supplement.

I think that Rosetta Stone gets a bad reputation because many people who purchase it simply don't take advantage of all the parts of the program - they likely just run through the flash cards and call it a day. But I think that if you use all the sections of the program, Rosetta Stone can get you moving pretty quickly on your Spanish language acquisition journey.

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