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The Importance of Family Quiet Time

As we piled in for our pre-bed snuggle last night, I realized how blessed my family is. There my husband was, a child tucked into either side, one under each arm, and the cat curled up between his feet. At this point in the day, the kids have snuggled up to me enough and only want Daddy. This is a scene that is repeated at my home every evening.

Sometimes he sings to them, sometimes the kids choose this time to download their experiences of the day, and sometimes they just lie quietly with their eyes closed. But whatever the chosen activity, it’s an opportunity that none of them want to miss.

I looked on with a warm, contented feeling in my heart. It reminded me of all that my husband is to our family. As the person who goes to work every day and earns the majority of our household income, he is, of course, our provider. But more importantly, he is our nurturer, our protector. His presence provides a sense of stability even in the midst of the chaos that he often brings (he’s the fun parent, the good cop).

For me, he is my best friend, the person who I know is always in my corner. I love him deeply and I know he loves me. For the children, he is a wonderful role model. My son has a great example of what it means to be a husband and father. My daughter gains an understanding of how she should be treated as a wife.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the activities of the day that you forget to slow down and drink in the life around you. I admit that I often get irritated during snuggle time because I’m ready for the kids to go to bed NOW! I am exhausted from the day, I've had sensory overload and I just want some quiet time.

But like so much that I have learned from my husband, I now understand how important this time is. How important it is to take time, every day, to just be with your loved ones. To tell them how much you love them. To focus only on them.

Because these moments are not guaranteed. Indeed, all that is guaranteed is that they will not last forever.

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